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Clara TanClara Tan
14:07 19 Nov 22
Excellent experience with Durian SG Prime. Ordered 800g Black Gold ($63) and 800g Old Tree MSW ($59) which entitled me to free delivery (min $99). Firstly, I was amazed by their 2 hour slot delivery within the same day. I ordered at 7+pm during dinner time and saw slots for 8-10pm, 9-11pm.. up to 1am. (!?). My durians arrived around 9+pm - within delivery slot. The delivery person was so jovial, love it. Secondly, the durians were really good and fresh!! And the seeds were small. My parents and I were very satisfied. Super happy! Kudos to your team for this wonderful service. We thank you :)
Niki KohNiki Koh
13:57 12 Nov 22
2nd time ordering. Particularly like the short turnaround time when ordering. Quality of the durian was awesome. And during then 2nd order, they called saying the batch was not up to their standard and had to delay 2hrs. The wait was worth it.
sandra hansandra han
23:08 11 Nov 22
We ordered this morning and the durians arrived in the afternoon. 10 persons shared 1 box Old Tree MSW and 1 box Black Gold. Both 800g each. Very good quality. Everyone enjoyed it. Thank you so much !! 😁😋
Siong Fey LeeSiong Fey Lee
11:20 07 Nov 22
Just got delivered.After patronising with 2 of our regular stalls for the longest time we remember, decided to give Durain SG Prime a try. My usual durian is the MSW Grade A Pahang Raub Durian so ordered the Tiger Mountain Black Gold. Texture, Taste and Bitterness is considered good though first box is a bit watery with small seeds and the second box has quite a few large seeds but creamy. For a first try, I must say it is consider good. Will want to try the MSW Old Tree durian from this store.PS: Appreciated your good service and responsiveness.
14:29 03 Nov 22
First time purchase and I must say I'm pleasantly surprised! Ease of ordering and really prompt delivery (kudos)! Ordered the Black Gold and the Old Tree. Both are good though the OT are a tad dry. Overall good experience! Will definitely order again! Keep up the good work guys!
Digital District GirlDigital District Girl
02:11 03 Nov 22
They offer quality durians at 20-30% cheaper than most reputable durian sellers in Singapore! Here we try the Tiger Mountain Musang King (Small seed) - S$38!Service: I’m always hesitant to order durians as I’m not sure about the weight, price and quality. With my limited mandarin capabilities, I get all jittery ordering durians. Thankfully, the staff was able to understand my limited mandarin-speaking abilities and also allowed me to film and take picture of the process!Ambience: I enjoyed sitting by the roadside with bright yellow light bulbs shining from the walls. It does take me back to another period, and for one reason or the other, I feel nostalgic.Taste: When it comes to durians, I absolutely love the sweet, plump flesh with small seeds. This one scores all the points and meets the mark. There were about 7 seeds in total, leaving one wanting more!If you opt for delivery, durians are delivered fresh within the hour.
Grace TanGrace Tan
07:32 16 Oct 22
Enjoyed the Black Gold durians from the Famous Tiger Mountain. Ate a few pieces, decided to freeze the rest and found they're still good the next day. Yum!
Y-Dub DubY-Dub Dub
12:48 08 Sep 22
Wah their black gold seriously good. Best Ive had. Eating now super sweet and high quality. Strong whisky smell. Small seed.Honest seller. Booked for wed but recieved a call from shaun saying that days batch no good so advised to wait. Wow was it worth the wait!!!!Will be ordering again from them next time!!Wow
Bobby SeikBobby Seik
14:32 30 Aug 22
Tried Black gold and was really good. Creamy, sticky, strong mostly small seeds. Also very impressed with their customer service. Was on the edge thinking whether or not to purchase and received a call from them. It was not a hard sell and I was willing to try due to their effort.
Alison AngAlison Ang
17:09 16 Aug 22
First order with them was absolutely spectacular! Their mountain MSWs were probably some of the best I've ever had. Well worth the price, which is already cheaper than most other delivery platforms. Will definitely order again!
Ming PMing P
07:16 02 Aug 22
1st time purchase. Durian is excellent, best so far we had: creamy, yellow and sweet. Flesh is great, generally small seeds though a few bigger seeds. Bought 2kg frozen cold white leaf mountain during sale, satisfied, no regret. Delivery is fast too. Will buy again.
00:14 28 Jul 22
First time buying and bought 1600g Leaf D24 to try. Can tell freshly packed. Quality is good - creamy and bitter-sweet. Price is good/reasonable especially this period of scarce supply. Delivery was fast. Value for money and will definitely buy again!!
My first time buying from here but obviously not my last. The store is very honest with me about their current batch of durians are not of good quality. So they suggested for me to wait for the new batch to arrive in SG. It was worth the wait! Thank you so much for the best service!
Jasmine SawJasmine Saw
17:57 10 Jul 22
Good quality and price! Indulgent of creamy, buttery texture with a bittersweet flavour. Their online delivery was fast and quality is as good as having it there. Definitely recommend and will purchase again!!




Free Delivery Above $99


Get Durians From Mature Trees

Many durian delivery shops sell durian with no meat and thick husk. These are very common durians found in young trees.

However, all of our durians trees are beyond 40 years old and produces only high meat yield ratio durians. Ultimately, you’ll be getting more durians for the same money that you’re paying to other sellers.

Newly Discovered Durians Plantations

Many durians supplies in Singapore are coming from the same plantations in Malaysia. This cause the price of the durians to be unnecessarily high because of the constant bidding for the same batch of harvest.

With DurianSGPrime, all of our plantations are newly discovered in the mountainous region of Raub. These ensure that you’re getting fresh mature durians without the unnecessary mark up.

Go With Seller That Provides Durian Delivery Exchange

There are many dishonest sellers in the market, refusing to provide guaranteed exchange for affected durians.

By buying from us, you’re covered with our guaranteed exchange privilege for any durians that for any reason does not meet your expectation.

Simply fill up the feedback form under “Replace Durians”, key in all necessary informations, images of affected durians and our admin team will reach out to you.