✔️ Naturally Grown Trees – The soils surrounding are highly fertile, resulting in durians from these harvest to have high meat yield ratio to its weight. Don’t pay more to get less durian meat.

✔️ Fresh Mountainous Region – As direct result of clean air in the higher altitude of mountain area, the plantation produces high quality durian harvest with no pollutants and rich taste. Don’t settle for mediocre durians.

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After Promo: $16/kg

Indigo Black Gold Durians

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After Promo: $15/kg

Indigo Old Tree MSW Durian

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Indigo Tekka Durian



Pick Your Fresh Mountain Durians?

Our main shop is located at Lorong 24A 456 Geylang Road 389415.

Select among the wide selection of fresh durians from four different mountain plantations.

If you wish to do a walk-in, you’re recommend to pre-order your durians in advance to ensure that we have fresh durians for you to enjoy.

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