Get Durians From Mature Trees

Many shops sell durian with no meat and thick husk. These are very common durians found in young trees.

However, all of our durians trees are beyond 40 years old and produces only high meat yield ratio durians. Ultimately, you’ll be getting more durians for the same money that you’re paying to other sellers.

Newly Discovered Durians Plantations

Many durians supplies in Singapore are coming from the same plantations in Malaysia. This cause the price of the durians to be unnecessarily high because of the constant bidding for the same batch of harvest.

With DurianSGPrime, all of our plantations are newly discovered in the mountainous region of Raub. These ensure that you’re getting fresh mature durians without the unnecessary mark up.

Go With Seller That Provides Durians Exchange

There are many dishonest sellers in the market, refusing to provide guaranteed exchange for affected durians.

By buying from us, you’re covered with our guaranteed exchange privilege for any durians that for any reason does not meet your expectation.

Simply fill up the feedback form under “Replace Durians”, key in all necessary informations, images of affected durians and our admin team will reach out to you.