How is your order being processed


The Plantations At Pahang

It started from our plantations where mother nature does its job. Everyday our Pahang partner will skim through the plantations to check and collect for all new durians drop. This is done daily every early morning and night time.


Processing Facilties

The fresh drops will be immediately processed within the hour to separate grade “A” durians for our customer and the rest being put aside. With haste, our partner packs all our fresh grade “A” durians in the lorry to be delivered immediately to Singapore.


Arriving in Singapore

Our fresh durians usually arrives in two batches either in morning or late evening. Once it arrives to our shop, it will be carefully unpacked and waiting to be de-husked upon new order.


Your Order

The moment an order is placed, it will be process in our system and our team will get to work immediately to dehusk fresh durians according to your request and place the meats in a vacuum sealed box to retain its freshness.

Our rider will then deliver the order to your door step according to your selected time slot! Time to enjoy your durians!