Am i eligible for durians replacement?

If for any reason, that the durians are not up to standard or damaged. You’re eligible for a free replacement of durians within 24 hours of receiving your orders. 

Go to the main menu and select “Replace Durian”. Alternatively, you can access it through this link:

Simply fill up the form and include all requested informations; your name, email, order number, feedback of order and images of the affected durians for our admin to verify. 

Your replacement request will be verified by our team within the next business day.

What time will i be receiving my durians?

For pre-booked orders, you’ll need to come to our store within the allocated time slot of your choice and you’ll be able to get your durians immediately.

For online orders, you can select between general delivery with estimated delivery of 2 hours or express delivery within 60 minutes of order confirmation.

How can i purchase durians from you?

You have the option of online delivery, pre-order or walk-in to our location.

Can i do a walk-in to buy durians?

Yes you can. However, you’re recommended to make a pre-order on your durians before coming down, to ensure that there are enough stocks of fresh durians readily available for you to enjoy.

Alternatively, you can check the availability online at the comfort of your home and have us deliver it fresh to your door step via online order.

How do i collect my order?

You can collect your durians at our shop after you’ve made a pre-order and selected the desired pick-up timing slot according to your availability.

Simply proceed to our stall during your allocated timing, do approach any of our staff and your durians are ready to go.

How are your durians priced?

We priced our durians by weight, with minimum order of 800G without the husk. This is to ensure that you’re only paying for the full durian meats and not the husk.

Take note, all of our durians are immediately de-husked only upon your order confirmation to keep the durian in its optimal freshness.

How much is your island wide delivery?

We have two options of delivery methods.

1. For General island-wide, we’ll deliver your order in a two hour time slot and charge a flat one time fee of only $7.5 for any order size.

2. For Express island-wide delivery, we’ll deliver your order within 1 hour and charge a flat one time fee of only $15 for any order size.

For special delivery at Sentosa or Camps, we charge a flat fee of $20

What kind of durians do you have?

We have wide selection of durians of Pahang origin, that includes Signature Black Gold Durians, Old Tree Mao Shan Wang, D24, D13 Red Prawn and Tekka.

The availability of each durian varieties are subjective to the supply of that given day.

Is the durian fresh?

Our durians came from the mountainous area of Raub Malaysia. All the durians are immediately transported to our shop upon being harvested.

Are you a genuine seller?

DurianSGPrime is a registered and legitimate company operating in Singapore. Our team consist of dedicated Durian veterans with over 10 years of industry experience.