mature trees mountain quality 

Can you even say that you are a durian aficionado unless you try out our mountain durians? We grow our durians using special state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive water and soil tests specially designed for mountain durians. But that’s not all. We don’t pick our durians, we let them naturally drop from the trees and select only the top 20%. And how could we forget our modern irrigation system and modern maintenance system that involves drones?

Our durians are then hand-selected by experienced farmers to ensure that you only get the most premium selection. From famous ones like Mao Shan Wang, and Red Prawn to favourites like Pahang Old Tree MSW, we offer only the durians; the ones that stick to your throat and melt in your mouth. They’re super creamy and come packed with an explosion of flavours that will leave you coming back for seconds or even thirds!

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