Burnt CheeseCake: Pahang OT Musang King Durian


    Burnt CheeseCake: Pahang OT Musang King

    Burnt Cheese Cake; made Fresh Daily in a traditional bakery located in Malaysia. Burnt to perfect texture and filled with mixture of fresh Pahang OT Mao Shan Wang meat chunks

    Experience the mind-blowing richness of cream cheese with fragrant slight-coal scent. Enveloped in a creamy, buttery yet dense cake, filled with mixture of quality Old Tree Mao Shan Wang durian meat

    Our Cheese Cake are fluffy, thick and most importantly made with perfect ratio of filling and cake! The perfect recipe for its fluffy texture and filling’s flavour!

    • Made Fresh Daily, Only 10 Boxes Made
    • Pahang Old Tree Mao Shan Wang Durian as Filling
    • 5 Inches Wide and 2 Inch thick! Perfect size to fulfil your craving
    • All Natural Ingredients & No Preservative

    Please consume within 4 days for maximum freshness. Made for 1 Pax

    Grab one today!

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