🔥 BUNDLE: Penang Green Skin King Durian (2 x 800g)


Fresh Penang Green Skin King Durian, Freshly De-Husked Durians. 

The Penang Green Skin King Durian offers a sweet and creamy texture with a sticky refreshing hint of fragrant floral notes, while the Penang Green Skin King Durian has a more complex flavor profile, with a delightful combination of sweet, floral, dry and slight alcoholic notes, Guaranteed 100% no watery. This breed is belongs to assorted class of D13, Red Prawn, XO and Tekka. 

Our durians are fresh, and their taste and quality are maintained at the highest level through proper handling and packing.

One Box = 800g, serves 2 pax


It requires 3.5kg of whole durians to open 800g of meats.
$15/kg promotion is tallied average rate for two boxes

This is bundle promotion. You’ll get 2 boxes of 800g all meats, for 4 pax

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